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coach jerry sandusky has decided against confronting his alleged victims at a preliminary hearing. our bruce leshan is in the courtroom. he joins us now live from pennsylvania with more information. bruce, what can you tell us? >> j.c., what this meant -- what this was about depends on who you ask. the attorney for one of the alleged victims says it is really another case -- another act of cowardice to decide not to have this hearing. another affect cowardice by a serial child sex abuser. but jerry sandusky's lawyer says it was simply a tactical decision to avoid a hearing that put the defense at a tactical disadvantage. jerry sandusky had been slated to be in court all day, confronted for the first time by the public testimony of at least five of the young men he allegedly abused. but within minutes, he was back out of the courthouse. his lawyers saw no advantage in airing more of the sorted details of decades of alleged child sexual abuse. >> we're ready to defend, we've always been ready to defend. today's waiver has nothing to do with conceding anything, there will be no plea negot
. >>> former penn state football coach jerry sandusky faces his accusers in court this morning. there are new questions about what the prime eyewitness saw. >> going to college in california is more expensive than ever. one state lawmaker has a plan to save students thousands. >>> movement to turn california's top politician into part-timers. edew >>> high temperatures across the country in case you are leaving us today midwest to the south 50s to 67 around new orleans, 40s throughout the upper midwest into new england and around seattle and portland with 37 in denver, 58 phoenix. airports right now philly having flight departure delays from the northeast across the midwest rain around st. louis, kansas city, memphis showers and waterspouts around l.a. there could be delays there. check out our flight tracker at at the bottom. >>> an investigation underway after two army helicopters crashed on a washington base killing four soldiers. crews arrived at the scene 8:00 last night officials say the choppers crashed at joint base lewis-mcchord south of tacoma. it is not known whether t
on the killing of a police officer, a father of five. >>> jerry sandusky's wife says the accusations against her husband are false, as he leaves jail and she comes under scrutiny for what she knew and when. we will hear more from dottie sandusky's first public statement in the case. >>> mitt romney heads to iowa as a new campaign ad targets newt gingrich's marital failures. we will tell you why romney is cuddly pushing harder to win over iowa republicans. >>> tim tebow, winning quarterback and a praying one but he is not the first and only athlete to bring faith to the field. we will talk about religion and the gridiron "early" this friday morning, december 9th, 2011. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning. i'm erica hill. happy friday. >> happy friday erica and everybody. i'm jeff glor. chris wragge is off this morning. welcome back from d.c. >> thanks. nice to be back. boy, what a day yesterday. so many people on edge as we were watching the events unfold at virginia tech. we want to begin with the latest this morning from virginia tech which is of course an ugly
>>> good morning. coward. jerry sandusky blasted by an attorney for one of his accusers for backing out of a hearing tied to his child sex abuse case. was it a sign he's hoping for a plea deal? this morning, jerry sandusky's attorney speaks out in a live interview. >>> total ban. a total federal agency push to goan all personal electronic devices behind the wheel nationwide. even hands-free phone calls would be off limits. will it make the road safer, or is the government going too far? >>> and who will it be? a lot of people have made their mark on the world in 2011. but only one can be named "time" magazine's person of the year. we'll reveal the answer, live today, wednesday, december 14th, we'll reveal the answer, live today, wednesday, december 14th, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> from nbc news, this is "today," with matt lauer and ann curry. live, from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> and good morning, welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning, i'm matt lauer. >> and i'm ann curry. good morning, everybody. is jerry sandusky's attorney is calling his
in the sex abuse scandal. the preliminary hearing of jerry sandusky begins in just hours. >> it will likely take most of the day, as several young men, as many as ten, face their accu accuser. all this happening in the small town of bellefont. tahman bradley has details. >> reporter: today, for the first time, former penn state coach jerry sandusky faces his accuser. some will explain under oath how sandusky molested them. ben an degree yoz si says his client is eager to take the stand. but the large number of press in attendance will not make it easy. >> i know it's going to be uncomfortable. but he's ready to go forward. >> any victim that goes forward with these types of cases is incredibly brave. but they have to face the person they're accusing. >> reporter: in what could be a setback for the prosecution, one of the key witnesses in the case, penn state assistant coach mike mcqueary is being called into question. mcqueary says he witnessed sandusky raping a 10-year-old boy in the team showers in 2002. and that he told head coach, joe paterno, and penn state officials about it. now, a l
their fears, frustrations and angers after the jerry sandusky sex abuse scandal. >> while another accuser steps forward with disturbing allegations and a lawsuit against a former coach. it's thursday, december 1st. >>> good morning, i'm sunny hostin. >> and i'm rob nelson. penn state students met faculty and administrators at a special townhall gathering on campus last night. some of them voiced concerns about the scandal and its impact on their education. meanwhile, sandusky's legal fight has now started with the first lawsuit from an accuser. >> also this half-hour, a stunning jail house confession by a former member of the k.k.k., the impact this confession is having on the case of three men in the 60s. remember the story told in the movie "mississippi burning." >> incredible movie, real-life crime there, we'll have more on that in a second. later in this half-hour, a woman's obsession with hippos. she is so taken with her favorite animal that she made her car look like a hippo. wait till you see how she has decorated her house. >> wow. >> everyone need a hobby i guess. >> that's right
abused by jerry sandusky more than 100 times. penn state students met with the new university president and administrators last night during the townhall meeting the students were told the school will be held to a new hypigher ethical standard. >>> evangelist billy graham has been admitted to the hospital. graham, 93, suffering from congestion, cough and fever. doctors say he was alert, smiling and waving to staff when he entered the hospital yesterday. he was last hospitalized in may for pneumonia and treated for ailments. >>> now that they have been evicted from their campsite, occupy appropriate testeprotest continue their campaign the they stopped outside police headquarters in fact where those who were arrested during the eviction were being held. >>> there are some complaints this morning from occupy protestors in los angeles. they were removed from their encampment early yesterday. kabc's carlos grandham has the latest now from l.a. >> reporter: police moved into the park at city hall, arrested nearly 300 protestors. the early morning raid shut down the encampment that had been t
abuse scandal, former football coach jerry sandusky is expected in court for an important hearing tomorrow. tonight new questions are being raised about key testimony against him. a published report says there are various versions of what a graduate student reported seeing in a campus shower in 2002. fox 5's paul wagner has the story. reporter: mike mcqueary has been on administrative leave since mid-november when his grand jury testimony was finally made public, testimony that angered some people so much they leveled death threats against him. mcqueary has said very little publicly since and tomorrow inside this courthouse he's expected to tell his version of events under oath in front of a judge. e. on march 1, 2002, mike mcqueary, penn state graduate assistant said he entered the locker room of the football building on the university campus and was surprised to see lights on. mcqueary told the grand jury he saw a young boy he believedded to be about 10 being sex -- believed to be about 10 being sexually assaulted by jerry sandusky. mcqueary left and told his father what he saw
. >> anyway, we have a lot to get to this morning. we have a ver serious story about jerry sandusky who posted bail on those charges. in the meantime, his wife has been talking about defending her husband. we'll get do that coming in a live report. >>> also, we've going to have an update on lauren scruggs who we have been we've been talking about throughout the morning. she was the model who was badly injured when she got off a plane and walked into a propeller. she spoke and saw herself for the first time since the accident. you'll hear what she had to say. it's remarkable. she has a lot of perspective about this. >>> also ahead, if you think if you think you cannot afford to buy a house, you might be surprised as what you can get for less than $is 100,000 around the country. barbara parker will be here to show it to us. and holiday decorations, we all love them. they're so beautiful. but they can also be dangerous. we're going to get some good advice so we can enjoy our holiday decorations. >> oh, we put the lights on the tree yesterday. that was the dangerous part. >> we were just trying to
we have always been ready to defend. this is the fight of jerry sandusky's life. >> lawyers are furious. accusing the former football coach of icing the kicker. calling a timeout, even as the alleged victims are just about to testify about some of the most horrible events of their lives. >> putting these kids through this and pulling it at the last minute is just a total disregard for them and is further abuse. >> sandusky stands charged with 50 counts of abusing boys as young as 10 years old. who he met through his charity for disadvantaged children. prosecutors say it was monday night they learned that sandusky would waive the hearing. >> i'm not that surprised. >> when the case goes to trial, look for sandusky's lawyers to launch an attack on the alleged victim's motives. >> what greater motivation than money? i have seen money break up families. >> many of those alleged victims you already heard have hired lawyers. they are plotting to go after sandusky's assets. the assets of the second mile charity and penn state's deep pockets. those lawyers say that is just the
ticket he was on the deans list. >>> in penn state sex abuse case former football coach jerry sandusky is expected in court for an important hearing tomorrow new questions are being raised about key testimony about him. there are various versions of what a graduate student saw in a campus shower in 2002 here is paul wagner with our story. >> reporter: on march 1st, 2002, mike mcquery says he entered the locker room of the lash football building on the university campus and was surprised to see the lights on he told the grand jury he saw a young boy he believed about 10, being sexually assaulted by jerry sandusky, he then left the building and told his father what he saw the two then decided mcquery would tell head football coach joe paterno in the grand jury report there is no mention of a second person at the meeting between mcquery and his father but according to a report in harrisburg patriot news a family friend was there as well. the paper, quoting a source says the friend asked him three times if he saw anything sexual and three times, he said no. according to the source. if true
three years. that interview's coming up in the next hour of newsroom. >>> the lawyer for jerry sandusky, the former penn state defensive coach says the time may come when his client has to think about a plea deal. that's right, the lawyer says that a plea could happen if more people come forward claiming that sandusky molested them. he told cnn contributor sarah began number that such a scenario could make this case an uphill battle. >> reporter: what is the point where you say should we talk about a plea deal? are you having those conversations? >> no, we haven't. as a matter of fact you know from your experience, sarah, that people who maintain their innocence sometimes plead guilty because of the overwhelming evidence against them. there are many people who have gone to trial who were convicted of very serious crimes, including homicides, and executed and it later turned out that they were innocent. there's a lot of reasons why people decide to do certain things, but at this point jerry has maintained his innocence in regard to the allegations he knows about. >>> penn state students
giving damming testimony against jerry sandusky and others. he said he saw sandusky having what he thought was sex with a poi in the shower. >> he said he heard a rhythm slapping sound and he said that he did not try to stop it or call the police because he said that sandusky and the boy stopped it before he left the locker room. he said he said nothing to sandusky, who looked back with him at a blank stair. he said he told joe paterno without using graphic language. he said he saw severe sexual acts with a boy. the lawyers with the officials said it was his word against their clients -- had he heard that this boy in the shower was being in any way sexually assaulted, he would have remembered that. >> the two are charged with lying to the grand jury about what they knew, charges that they denied. >> the judge decided there is enough evidence to put the penn state officials on trial and there could be a force and even more sexual assault victims of the former assistant coach at sir cues. they said it was going on since 1969 and they know of at least two other items. that former coac
>>> good morning. penn state sex abuse suspect jerry sandusky gives up his right to a pretrial hearing meaning some accusers will not testify against him as intended. the latest from the courthouse. >>> president obama wants to extend the payroll tax cut and now he's threatening to veto a republican plan that will do just that. find out what else is in that bill and why the democrats don't like it. >>> the last u.s. troops leaving iraq this month, we'll ask dick cheney about that withdrawal and what he thinks will happen next. >>> and the russian billionaire who owns an nba team says he'll challenge strongman vladimir putin in next year's election. challenge strongman vladimir putin in next year's election. what prokorov said. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning, everyone. i'm jeff glor. >> i'm rebecca jarvis. >> it is a nice sunrise. >> booueautiful sunrise. >>> jerry sandusky told the judge he didn't want to go ahead with today's pretrial hearing. >> the unexpected decision means sandusky will go on trial to face 52 charges of abuse involving ten boys and chief investig
business report is coming up. >>> former opinion state football coach jerry sandusky faces his -- dark former penn state football coach jerry sandusky faces his accusers this morning. >>> you may already know this, going to college in california is more expensive than ever. one state lawmaker has a plan to save students thousands. >>> movement to turn california's politicians into part-timers. ♪ jif to go goes here, goes there ♪ ♪ jif to go goes anywhere ♪ jif to go goes here, goes there ♪ ♪ jif to go goes everywhere ♪ goes here, goes there ♪ jif to go, wherever you go >>> heading to southern california most severe storms over haven't seen reports of any more waterspouts wet from l.a., san diego. as far as our weather here and across most of the state quiet today temperatures in the mid to upper 50s seen scattered snow showers 40 tahoe, 47 yosemite. >>> penn state's former assistant coach jerry sandusky has just waived his preliminary hearing. the decision that moves him more quickly toward a trial on charges of child sex abuse. he left the pennsylvania courthouse momen
from him, coming pup. >>> we're going to start here with jerry sandusky, the man at the heart of the sex abuse debacle. going on camera for his first interview. he spoke at length to "the new york times." and the reporters there videotaped the whole thing. >> these allegations are false. i didn't do those things. i don't know. >> reporter: for the first time, jerry sandusky, answering the tough questions, on camera. once the legendary head coach joe paterno was told about the allegations against his former defensive coach, what did he say to sandusky about it? >> i don't know that he didn't know. i know that he didn't -- never said anything to me. i know that. >> reporter: what did sandusky first say when he was confronted by a penn state, when young assistant coach, mike mcqueary, saw him raping a boy in the team showers? >> i told him it didn't happen. in my mind, it wasn't inappropriate behavior. >> reporter: and remember sandusky's infamous answer to this question? >> are you sexually attracted to boys, underaged boys? >> am i sally attracted to under waged boys? sexually
suspected child abuse in the jerry sandusky case. susan candiotti live in harrisburg, pennsylvania this morning. so what can we expect in court today, susan? >> reporter: well, it's going to be a very important day for the state, because the state is expected to put on mike mcqueary as a key witness to try to prove these charges of perjury and failure to report a case of alleged child abuse against these two penn state officials. it's a very important part of this case, because the state is going to issue more or less a mini preview of what's to come. they have to prove to a judge there is enough evidence that a crime was committed through the testimony of mike mcqueary and some others. >> so, susan, how are they going to prove that? >> reporter: well, of course, his testimony will be very important, and we're going it hear from him, if he indeed takes the stand, for the first time some details other than a broad overview of what he told the grand jury. we are expected to hear what mike mcqueary said that he saw back in 2002 in a locker room at penn state when he testified that he
scandal. jerry sandusky preparing to head to court. and now word that an important eyewitness may have changed his story. >>> also, supreme court justice steven breyer is here in studio discussing his book and our democracy. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. alka-seltzer plus liquis fights your worst cold symptoms, plus it relieves your stuffy nose. [ deep breath ] thank you! that's the cold truth! have asked yours truly to teach you about treating frequent heartburn. 'cause i know a thing or two about eatin'. if you're one of those folks who gets heartburn and then treats day after day... well that's like checking on your burgers after they're burnt! [ male announcer ] treat your frequent heartburn by blocking the acid with prilosec otc. and don't get heartburn in the first place! [ male announcer ] one pill a day. 24 hours. zero heartburn. block the acid with prilosec otc, and don't get heartburn in the first place. available at walmart. - this is for cindy. i wanted to get her something special this year. - you went to kay. she'll love
untrue. updated grand jury report says she ignored a boy's scream for help as her husband, jerry sandusky, sexually assaulted the boy in sandusky's basement. mrs. sandusky says she's shocked by this allegation and she adds, quote, i continue to believe in jerry's innocence and all the good things that he's done. jerry sandusky, he is out now on bail following his second arrest on new child molestation charges. the former penn state coach is now under house arrest. he's required to wear an electronic monitor. >>> a lot of doubts now being raised about the drone that iran has been parading around on tv. iran claims that it's an american drone shot down over its own territory. some officials in the united states say it could be a fake. cnn's chris lawrence tells us, there is even a bigger question. if the drone is american, what was it doing when it went down? >> reporter: a u.s. official says it was a cia mission strictly to search for insurgents in afghanistan near the border. several sources point out the sentinel is a stealth drone designed to penetrate areas with air defenses. they say
is holding his prisoner? >>> shocked and dismayed job jerry sandusky's wife opens up for the first time since her husband is charged with month lefting young boys and she takes on the victims, saying their claims are made up. >>> and encouraging signs of a young model after she walks into a plane's propeller. you might be surprised by what she said when she saw her favorite for the first time since the accident. today is friday, december 9th, since the accident. today is friday, december 9th, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> and welcome today on this fri morning. i'm ann curry. >> and i'm david gregory. this hostage video was just 54 seconds long and along with some photographs, it was sent to the family of robert levinson about a year ago now. >> but it was not released until this morning because authorities feared if made public it would hurt their efforts to bring levinson home. >>> sad news for the dugger family. after announcing they were expecting their 20th child, michelle dugger has now suffered a miscarriage. we'll talk about the decision do have another child,
, involving former football coach, jerry sandusky. denise is in the newsroom with the efforts to recover. >> an emotional town hall meeting was held on campus. the school's leaders plan to raise money. >> sandusky was part of the penn state family. we all are. and i feel shame. >> the attorney for former assistant coach jerry sandusky says he has not discussed pleading guilty with his client. sandusky is charged with abusing eight boys over a 15- year period. another alleged victim, not involved in the criminal case, has filed the first lawsuit against sandusky and the university. kai? >> denise, thank you. penn state says they will donate a million and a half dollars to sex crime advocacy groups. the money will come from bowl game revenue. >>> several states in the west are hit by wind gusts, well over hurricane strength. the damaging weather causes widespread damage in hundreds of thousands of power outages. bigad shiban reports from southern california. >> reporter: powerful winds pushed around this trailer. also knocked over a dozen more tractor-trailers on highway 15 and shut down t
of two grand jury reports and hundreds of new stories. tomorrow, jerry sandusky's accuser are expected to answer questions themselves about their allegations that he molested them. the preliminary hearing will be the public's first chance to hear directly from some of the young men who claim sandusky sexual abused them as children. jerry sandusky will be there to hear their testimony too and as his lawyer joe amendola says. >> he is dreading it. he has to sit in a courtroom with a couple hundred people. i understand it's going to be filled to capacity, including members of his family and friends, who are going to listen to some of these young men say horrific things occurred between them and jerry. >> reporter: and cbs news has learned that a key prosecution witness is also scheduled to testify. mike mcqueary. he is the former penn state assistant coach who told a grand jury that in 2002, he saw jerry sandusky in a locker room shower on the penn state campus sexually assaulting a young boy. according to the grand jury report, he says he saw a boy he estimated to be 10 years old with hi
move, it was last minute, jerry sandusky, former penn state assistant coach charged with molesting ten boys, waived his right to a preliminary hearing. prosecutors were prepared to call 11 witnesses. many alleged victims. >>> in the belgian city, a gunman sprayed bullets at christmas shoppers and hurled a grenade at a bus stop, killing four people before taking his own life. more than 120 were wounded. >>> donald trumpb has canceled plans to moderate a republican presidential debate in iowa, one in which only two can candidates agreed to pay part. trump says he wants to maintain the option of of running for president himself. >>> and a new analysis of census data finds a record low number of adult americans are currently married. just 51%, down from 57% in 2000. the median age when people first marry is now at an all-time high, 26 for women and 28 for men. >>> and now here's an early look at how wall street will kick off the day. the dow opens at 11,954 after falling 66 points yesterday. the s&p dipped 10 points. the nasdaq lost 32. taking a look at oversaes trading this morning n toky
to get out of jail. >>> curious twist of former penn state coach jerry sandusky prepared to face his accusers on charges of child rape today the motion he made that left legal experts s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s
headlines this morning. former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky was released on $250,000 bail thursday after spending a night in jail on new sexual abuse charges. in a statement sandusky's wife defended her husband saying the accusers are making up their story. >>> a new government study says texting while driving continues to grow at an alarming rate. especially among young people. about half of american drives between 21 and 24 say they've typed messages or e-mailed while driving with many believing it's dangerous but only when others do it. >>> nasa's inspector general says the space agency has lost or misplaced more than 500 pieces of lunar rocks and other space samples since 1970. the report says nasa needs to keep better track of what it loans to researchers and museums. >>> a culinary crisis is spreading in norway after the popularity of a fat, rich diet fad has eaten up the country's stockpiles of butter. we're serious. bad weather and poor harvest are also being blamed. butter is sold on norway's top auction website for roughly four times the normal asking pr
jerry sandusky waives his right to a preliminary hearing and tells reporters he's not giving up. >> stay the course. wait for the opportunity to present our side. >> what was behind the decision? and what happens next? we're live at the courthouse. >>> on the attack. gop front newt gingrich and mitt romney take the gloves off with the iowa caucuses three weeks away. >>> and thousands of youth. would you like to live for hundreds or thousands of years? the breakthroughs that could be on the horizon today. tuesday, december 13th, 2011. >>> welcome to "today" on this tuesday morning. i'm ann curry. >> and i'm matt lauer. want to take you for a live look at courthouse where jerry sandusky was supposed to be hearing directly from his accusers in court for the first time. instead, his attorney is answering questions from reporters outside. >> that's right, matt. as we just mentioned, just as the hearing was getting underway, he waived his right to have it. the case is moving closer to trial with his next court appearance on january 11th. we'll get a live report from the court and talk about wh
>>> good morning. face to face. former penn state assistant coach jerry sandusky headed to court this morning to hear his accusers lay out their claims of sexual abuse. what will they say? how will he react? and could sandusky himself take the stand? we're live at the courthouse. >>> on the attack. gop front-runners newt gingrich and mitt romney take the gloves off with the iowa caucuses exactly three weeks away, while gingrich agrees to a pledge vowing fidelity to his third wife. >>> and fountain of youth. would you like to live for hundreds, even thousands of years? remarkable, new breakthrough that could be on the horizon today, tuesday, december 13th, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> and welcome today on this tuesday morning. i'm ann curry. >> and i'm matt lauer. a lot of eyes are going to be on that pennsylvania courtroom today. we're expecting testimony that is emotional and very graphic. >> that's right. this is going to be the first time the public and jerry sandusky will hear direct testimony from the alleged victims themselves. ten, as we all know
on to say, i continue to believe in jerry's innocence and all the good things he has done. in all sandusky faced more than 50 charges related to sexual abuse of boys but is out of jail again. under the terms of his release, sandusky is on house arrest, wear an electronic ankle bracelet and not allowed to have any contact with alleged victims or witnesses. some attorneys early on had said they were surprised given the grand jury presentment originally that he wasn't already on house arrest before these additional ten charge, but now he is. >> now he is. it's 13 minutes past the hour. >>> what's all new this morning, for the big tax hike looming for millions of american families in 2012, the senate voted down democratic and republican to extend the tax break into next year and is setting up a showdown between president obama and congress. the president saying he won't go on holiday break and neither will congress if this is not settled. >>> keeping an eye on an occupied camp in boston. a midnight deadline came and went for wall street protesters to clear out. police have not moved in yet. li
side. >>> just as jerry sandusky is about to face many of his accusers, a new twist. >>> look at this cat right here. tomasino. he's from italy. a stray cat who inherited, get this -- $13 million. that is one rich cat pip was tempted to make a joke. but i won't. >> leave it alone. feeling good. i thought you would go there. >>> let's go to josh elliott. >> good mornings. great, great saturday night. great theater. a developing story. anti-wall street protesters launching a new offensive this morning. planning to shut down port cities. they're targeting san diego and los angeles, and all the way to portland, oregon, and anchorage, alaska. blockades are set to begin this morning. >>> breaking news overseas. more than a dozen al qaeda mill taints escaped through a tunnel they secretly dug. they include convicted and drug laelers. >>> home improvement chain lowe's is facing a backlash this morning after pulling ads from a show about american muslims. lowe's pulled the ads after a conservative christian group complained that the show, "american muslims" is propaganda. >>> encouragi
moment coming tomorrow for the former coach, jerry sandusky. he'll face eight of his accusers in court. meanwhile, new questions this morning about a key eyewitness in the case. dan harris has more. >> reporter: the key eyewitness, his name is mike mcqueary. he's given a damning and sickening first-hand account. the latest twist in the case holds out some hope for sandusky. assistant coach mike mcqueary, man who prosecutors say is a key eyewitne eyewitness, man whose version of events is being called into question. >> if he gave a didn't version or only part of it, that he went in, gave a little bit of what happened, but not the entire truth, then it is significant. it goes to his credibility before the jury. >> reporter: he told the grand jury that he saw sandusky sodo mize a 10-year-old boy and he told penn state coach joe paterno and university officials. now a local paper says a friend of mcqueary said he spoke with him the night of the alleged incident. and that mcqueary said he never saw actual sex. only two people in the shower doing something suspicious. if true, that would sup
witnessed jerry sandusky sexually assault a child now change his story? who is behind a new idea to place a passenger advocate at every airport. and the russian billionaire who owns the new jersey nets basketball team is now taking on putin in the race to be russia's next president. who is this man? more on him. join our conversation online. find our twitter page. on my jo, i've learned that when you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. is the pain reliever orthopedic doctors recommend most for arthritis pain, think again. and take aleve. it's the one doctors recommend most for arthritis pain... two pills can last all day. ♪ [ male announcer ] take the fixodent 12 hour hold challenge. fixodent denture adhesive challenges you to a 12 hour hold test. ♪ thanks to its time released formula, you apply fixodent once, and it holds all day. ♪ take the fi
for jerry sandusky says the former coach is not considering a plea deal. not considering it. his attorney is there, that is hill on the right side of the screen. he responded to a harrisburg patriot news article quoting him as saying, he might have to talk with sandusky about a plea if more sex abuse allegations are made. amendola says he was responding to a what if question. he said sandusky is maintaining his innocence and there has been no discussion of a plea. >>> near baghdad, at least 13 people were kill by a car bomb at this fruit and vegetable market. 31 others were injured. and against this violent back drop, the continued withdrawal of u.s. forces from iraq is happening. nearly all american troops will be out of the country by the end of the year. >>> some frightening moments during the time-outs. last night's michigan state basketball game. you see the young woman. she falls. she is an msu cheerleader. her name is taylor young. falls flat on her face there on the hardwood floor. she was carried off there in a stretcher but wait for it. you will see the two thumbs. thumbs up to
'll have alternates in a few minutes. >>> 6:09. the wife of former penn state coach jerry sandusky says allegations against him of child sexual abuse are false. jerry sandusky a former assistant football coach is accused of abusing several boys over 15 years. he was released on bail for a second time yesterday and now his wife dottie says he is innocent. she also denies the claim by one accuser that she was home when he scream for help from a bedroom in the basement. >>> a southern california woman accused of attacking shoppers with pepper spray on black friday is not facing felony charges. but elizabeth macias could face prosecution for a misdemeanor. the l.a. county d.a. now referred the case to the city's attorney. at least 20 people got sprayed at the walmart on the day after thanksgiving. >>> an oakland kindergartener is taking cannabis for a rare form of epilepsy. his father was desperate to find something effective for the boy's seizures. he said no pharmaceutical worked so he turned to medical cannabis with cbd, a nonintoxicating cannabis, because the thc has been removed. it's
. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, this morning an attorney for one of the victims in the jerry sandusky sex abu >>> welcome back. an attorney for one of the victims in the jerry sandusky sexual abuse case appeared on the "cbs early show." he spoke about his client's anger at not being able to confront his accuser yesterday in court. >> he was very angry. he was thoroughly prepared by the lead prosecutor to testify. and got himself psyched up to do just that and was really angry that after being so well prepared, he was denied the opportunity and the potential cathartic release that comes with it and was angry that he didn't have the chance to do so. >> the attorney said that despite his client's disappointment he will be ready to confront sandusky when the case goes to trial. >>> okay, grace. 6:17 now. let's take a look at some of the top stories on this wednesday. >>> santa clara is putting $850 million behind a new stadium for the 49ers. the city council voted unanimously last night for that financing plan. now the nfl will get involved. some state lawmakers will hold a hearing this morning in sacramento on police handlin
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